The Goofy Challenge


                Gator—aka Gloria McCarthy—completed the Disney Goofy Challenge this past weekend, 3 days before a milestone birthday. In case you don’t know the Goofy Challenge, it’s running the Disney Donald Duck Half-Marathon on Saturday and then running the Disney Mickey Mouse Marathon on Sunday! Yes, 39.3 miles over a weekend. How awesome is this? It’s an incredible feat in my mind, and I’m so proud of my friend and running buddy! Physically taxing, certainly, but a real mental challenge as well.  Gator and her son, Michael, are in the photo below proudly wearing their medals. Gator & Michael Goofy

                Or, maybe you’re thinking something besides “awesome:” crazy? painful? A waste?  goofy?

                It’s all about perspective, isn’t it?

                Your life lived so far colors how you see Gator’s accomplishment. If you’re a runner or a walker or a fitness buff or like big challenges, you have experiences that color the Goofy Challenge gold or silver or maybe white.

                And if you don’t see the Goofy Challenge this way, you have experiences that may color it differently…perhaps brown or gray or black.

                And, that’s OK…that’s the point! We each have a perspective that is uniquely our own. It’s not a matter of “right” or “wrong,” it just is.

                The question for you is this: Does my perspective help me or hinder me? Does it make me more effective and productive as I go to work, to school, be with my family and friends, etc.? Does it allow me to see options and alternatives and new ways of exploring my world or does it close down my thinking?

                If the voice deep down says that you’re closed to options—in your life, your health, your career, your happiness consider:

                •recognize that more than one perspective is healthy because a single perspective raises tension, fear, frustration—it takes          a lot of energy to hold onto “my way is the only way.”

                •recognize that multiple perspectives can provide options that will assist with a problem/issue you’ve not met before;

                •multiple perspectives increase your resilience (bounce-back);

                •different perspectives strengthen your responses in an ever-changing world.

                And recognizing the value of perspectives makes your job of finding them much easier!

                1. You can ask others how they see something—jot down those perspectives to make them real.

                2. You can learn how to shift and expand your own view…like a kaleidoscope: one little turn, followed by another little turn              followed by yet another…each a different view!

                    •Ask yourself: “How would my (mentor, coach, hero) view this? What would she see?” Write down your responses.

                    •Ask yourself: “What’s another way to see this?” (jot it down) “And another way?” (jot it down)   “And what’s yet                another way?” (jot it down)  

                Asking others and listening, creating and challenging yourself to expand your perspectives strengthens your awareness and moves you toward developing a different habit. Focus your thinking and repeat: that’s the key to moving beyond the thinking that bogs you down and toward the insights to tackle your goofy challenge.slipper on pillow

                So while you may not tackle the Goofy Challenge, your goofy challenge may well be as close as a different perspective that expands your options and opportunities. As long as you're here, I'll let you in on my goofy challenge this year: running the Disney Princess Half Marathon at the end of fun is a tiara and glass slipper? 

                What’s your goofy challenge in 2012? Drop a note below…we’ll be your kaleidoscope!