Own Not Rent

     Have you ever rented a car? If so, I'll bet you filled the gas tank before you returned it—much cheaper for you! But, I'll also bet that you didn't wash that car before you returned it. We take care of the things we own and the things we don't very differently.

     It's human nature (and smart practice) to take care of the things we own...our vehicles, our homes, our 'stuff'. Why do any less with your career...that work that satisfies your lifelong economic, mental and emotional needs?

     When you own your career, you take responsibility for your learning, your professional development and your career direction.

          ð You don't wait for your manager to suggest which skills you develop or sharpen, what learning opportunities you consider or what positions may be a fit for you.

     When you own your work direction, you take steps to make sure you have what it takes to move when and where you can provide the greatest value.

          ð You know the organization's direction and you arm yourself—continually and flexibly—with the skills and knowledge needed to partner with the business to get there.

     And, when you own it, you create your own security by knowing who needs the results and value you provide and by making a business case for it on terms that make clear: as partners, it's a win-win for you and your employer. 


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