Career Ownership

How do clients see your value?

No, this isn’t a question for only those of you who own a business although if you’re successful, you already know. I’m really asking those of you who are ‘employees.’

How do your clients see your value?School of Fish with one unique

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Make Your Career Resolutions Stick(y) This Time

Planning to own your career in 2011?

Did you make a resolution to find a "better job," "a place that appreciates you," or "work that floats your boat?" What will it take for the resolution to stick...and for you to get out of your own way? If you recognize yourself even a little bit in one or more of these excuses, then take a stand against self-sabotage right now.

Read on and I'll tell you how.

Excuse #1. Seems like a lot of work, although I can float some resumes...

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Recruiting Mentors: How To, Part 2

So you've decided that you want a mentor and you have several people in your sights! You've approached one who has agreed to meet with you next week, so you're home free: you've found a mentor! Not so fast!

You may have found a mentor, and she might be willing to take the lead, but why get lazy now? Your first meeting is your opportunity to show your (potential) mentor that you are serious about your development and you've already put some work into making the relationship a good one for both of you.

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Recruiting Mentors: How to, Part 1

At a recent career development workshop for Young Professionals (YPs), I participated in a panel on mentoring. What a great group of knowledgeable and wise people, including Margaret Finley from Chase who moderated. Panelists included:

*Jason Jenkins, Big Brothers Big Sisters

*Eric Troy, Ohio Department of Education

*Marilyn Pritchett, Mentoring Center of Central Ohio

*Lindsay Andrews, SMPS Columbus

*Janine Hancock Jones, Governor's Staff [same name, same spelling!]

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Are you enough?

Josie, who had been searching for her next position for over a year was offered a job on Friday, making July 16 a day of celebration! Over 50, the longer her search went on, the more certain she was that she wasn't enough...young enough, credentialed enough, talented enough, experienced enough, competitive enough, healthy enough, worthy enough...etc. etc.

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Intentions, not habits, make parades

Spent part of the morning at the Upper Arlington (UA) Fourth of July parade: it's an annual staple and the biggest non-commercial parade in the U.S. (or at least it used to be) My daughter and I have walked 3 blocks to the parade route every year for 21 years, and sat on the same corner: Northwest Boulevard and Barrington Road.

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Hot air is for balloons

It's pretty easy to say, "Well, of course, I own my career--no one else does." But saying it doesn't make it so.

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Meet Jaron. And how he owns his career.

Dinner tonight with a friend at The Old Bag of Nails Pub in Upper Arlington was probably the last place where I expected to run into a career owner. But that was before I met Jaron. Old Bag of Nails Logo

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Meet Kari. And how she became a Career Owner.

Kari's email began like so many others: she was discouraged and frustrated. She had been "a rising star" for many of her almost 20 years with the organization, but new leaders and a different culture dimmed that image. So what did she want from a coach?

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Meet Bill. And how he became a Career Owner.

Bill is always at the Panera before me; he gets there early, has a coffee and is ready to begin as soon as I arrive. He has his list of items for discussion and we move through it with practiced familiarity.

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