Do something different!

When what you’re doing isn’t working, it’s time to do something different.

We all know that, but it’s sometimes tough to practice.

Like today. I’m preparing (mentally) for another half-marathon on Sunday, the annual Columbus Marathon & Half Marathon series. It’s my third half-marathon this year, and I’m feeling questionable just like always.

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Big Ears

Overheard during an early morning Sunday run on the local track:

 “So how have you been?”


 “Is that a good, “OMG!” Or a bad, “OMG!”?

 “My stress level has been out of sight! I was offered…”

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That Voice Inside Your Head

I went for my usual Sunday morning run with my friend, Mary, and we had a beautiful morning: the sun was out, it was over 40 degrees and for the first time in months we weren't in thick ice or snow. We catch up while we run, so Mary mentioned her maddening run the day before: one of those where "the voice" inside your head (aka "the gremlin" sitting on your shoulder)  is whispering and whining loud and long in a tone that just won't stop.

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Investing with Eyes Wide Open

When you think 'security' what comes to mind? Your portfolio or your work? Given the sad state of financial portfolios, you'll do yourself a favor by re-thinking and re-working your thinking around security. Most of us spend 40 plus years in the workforce with little knowledge of how long a job will last. Industries used to have career ladders, back when industry was driving the economy. Businesses used to recognize the return on  investing in management development and skills training based upon steady growth projections. Read More

Taking Responsibility

During President Obama's inaugural address, these words struck a chord: "What is required of us now is a new era of responsibility, a recognition on the part of every American that we have duties to ourselves, our nation and the world, duties that we do not grudgingly accept but rather seize gladly." While his words reference our responsibilities as U.S. Read More

About Learning

What a great week! I've spent half of the last 4 days in professional development events--a real treat. And my clients, my friends and I are all better for it…I truly love to hear other perspectives that challenge and expand my own. Read More

Everyone can (and should) own their career

I generally try not to 'should' people, but in this case I will. Who's a career owner? Read More

Career Owners in the Customer Space

I've had several recent encounters with customer service people and each of them made clear how their job 'fit' them: as a renter or an owner. My first was with my personal trainer, Tami, who is always fully focused on each client. She has the ability to walk that fine line between making me sweat and making me whine. Read More

Career owner in the making

During lunch with two friends today, we caught up on current work mindsets. Sue was feeling great—she just returned from a four day renewal in Vegas; I was eager and energized by a new project; and Laurie was up in the air. She was about a month into a new position and was ok with it but not excited. Turns out that she was moved into a position that doesn’t use her strengths, and she was making the best of it. Read More